Juvenile Record Sealing

When a Juvenile Offense has been disposed of, there is often the option to have the record of that offense sealed.  There are many misunderstandings and nuances of this procedure, so it is very important that you hire a skilled attorney.

Many people think that Juvenile Records are automatically sealed when the case been disposed of, but really there is only restricted access to these records.  In order to accomplish more complete confidentiality, a Juvenile must go through the process of having his or her record sealed. 

There are multiple factors to determine whether a Juvenile Offense is eligible to be sealed, and these factors include time passed since the case was disposed of, the type of offense, and the age of the Juvenile.  If a Juvenile is eligible for Record Sealing, then an attorney can assist in the process of petitioning the court to order that all records pertaining to the Juvenile Offense be sealed.

Don’t let a Juvenile Record affect your ability to go to college, have the job of your choice, or restrict your goals; call Davidson Law immediately so that an attorney can begin the process of Sealing the Juvenile Record.