Drug Possession Lawyer Tyler TX

Drug Possession Lawyer Tyler TX

Drug Possession Lawyer Tyler TX, Matthew Davidson, knows that being charged with a drug possession crime can be very troubling.   Texas law has a wide range of offenses that relate to drug possession and an even wider range of punishment for these charges.  Texas law provides for five different penalty groups for drug possession offenses plus a category for Possession of Marijuana alone. Additionally, Texas Law includes offenses that strictly apply to prescription drugs, or controlled substances that are illegal to possess unless you have been prescribed said controlled substance.

Your Drug possession lawyer Tyler TX, Matthew Davidson, knows that Texas Drug Possession Laws can range from minor offenses, such as Class C, B and A misdemeanors to more severe Felony offenses.

The following factors are taken into consideration when determining type of Drug Possession Offense one will be facing:

  • Volume or Quantity
  • The manner in which the Drug was concealed or stored
  • Whether Drug Paraphernalia was also found with the Drugs
  • Whether large amounts of cash were also found
  • Criminal history or prior convictions

Among the five different penalty groups for Drug Possession Offenses, a person charged with a Drug Possession Offense could be facing jail time ranging from 180 days to 99 years and a fine ranging from $500 to $250,000 per offense. In addition to the above punishment ranges, Texas Law also provides for a mandatory six-month suspension of driving privileges if you are convicted of ANY drug violation.

When you consider the possibility of the severe penalties for Drug Possession Offenses, it becomes clear why you should call your Drug possession lawyer Tyler TX as quickly as possible!

By calling Drug Possession Lawyer Tyler TX, Matthew Davidson, you are giving yourself the gift of hope. With our proven track record in matters of drug possession, we can begin to work immediately to bring your constitutional rights to bear, giving you advantages and opportunities you may not even know you had. When you give Drug Possession Lawyer Tyler TX time to examine, evaluate, and investigate your case, we can often find that the charges against our clients can be minimized, reduced or dismissed altogether. The sooner you call Drug Possession Lawyer Tyler TX the sooner you will have a trained and experienced legal professional working in your favor!

Now is the time to bring in the experts on Drug Possession!

If you’ve been charged with drug possession, you may be facing years of hard prison time and staggering fines. Your life, your family life, and all the liberty you now enjoy can be ripped away from you at the drop of a hat. This is not the time to take matters into your own hands and trust yourself to provide your own defense. Call Drug Possession Lawyer Tyler TX . No matter the type or level of Drug Offense with which you’re being charged, we will do our best to help you maintain your liberty and mitigate the damage.

Don’t ever go to court alone!

At Davidson Law, your Drug possession lawyer Tyler TX we have made drug possession the subject of years of study and practical experience. Because of our experience in matter of Drug Possession offenses, as Drug Possession Lawyer Tyler TX we have all the tools ready and available to work with you to achieve the best possible result in your case. Remember, not all Drug Possession Lawyers are created equal.

You are GUARANTEED certain rights under the law.

Remember, even if you were in possession of drugs, you are STILL innocent until the state proves your guilt in a court of law. As your Drug possession lawyer Tyler TX we will work aggressively to utilize every advantage afforded to you under the law and preserve and protect your rights under the laws of Texas and the United States of America. If you are being charges with a Drug Possession Offense, call Davidson Law first and allow us to use our experience and expertise to your benefit!


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