Child Custody

Child Custody is a complex legal situation that is nearly impossible to navigate on your own.  The attorneys at Davidson Law are well versed in this area of law and are ready to help you.

There are many different ways that a person can find themselves in need of a child custody attorney.  One way is to have a child with someone you aren’t married to.  Other scenarios include needing to modify a prior Order or terminate the other parent’s rights to their child or children.  In all of these situations the parent needs a child custody attorney. 

Court Orders to establish parentage or modify the parent-child relationship clearly outline each parent’s rights and duties in regards to the child, set a specific schedule for each parent to spend time with the child and address child support.  These Orders are important for the parents to protect their rights and for the children to have their best interests protected as well.

Whatever your situation, if you have a child and are not currently in a relationship with the other parent you need a child custody attorney.  The law requires that all Court Orders be in the child’s best interest and at Davidson Law we take that very seriously.  We are here to advocate for our clients and get the best result possible for them and their children.

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If you had a child while you were not married to the other parent, or were married to someone else when the child was born, you need to establish the parent-child relationship between the biological parents.

The most common scenario is that two people have a child without being married.  When this happens one needs to file an Original Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship in the County where the child has resided for the last six months.  This document will allege who the biological parents are and request a hearing.  If the alleged father does not believe he’s the father he may request a genetic test.  If he is confirmed as the father of the child the Court will Order a possession schedule and set child support.

This process protects both parties and benefits the child tremendously.  Many people believe the Attorney General can and will handle this process for them.  This is somewhat true as the Attorney General Child Support Division will file an original SAPCR.  The dangerous misconception however, is that the Attorney General represents the person who first contacted them.  That is absolutely false.  The Attorney General represents the State of Texas and the State of Texas only.  Neither parents’ interests are aligned with those of the State of Texas and each party needs their own attorney to zealously represent their interests and protect their rights.

Another common misconception is that parents should be able to work child support out amongst themselves.  For the person receiving child support they need an attorney to help them ensure the amount is set as high as the Texas State Family Code allows.  Often parents receiving child support short-change their children by agreeing to less than the guidelines the code provides.  For the person paying child support they need an attorney to help them ensure that it does not get set too high.