Child Support

Child support is a legal issue that comes up for many people and can be very confusing.  Many people make the mistake of thinking the Attorney General is all the legal help they need but this is a huge, and potentially very costly mistake.  The Attorney General only represents the interest of the State of Texas, not of any individual parent or child.

Every parent who has primary custody of a child is entitled to receive child support and should be receiving it.  Conversely, every person who does not have primary custody of their child is obligated to pay child support and should be paying the appropriate amount as determined by our state legislature and Courts.  Regardless of which parent you are, you need an attorney to protect your rights and help you through the legal system.

If you have never had child support set up for your child the first step is to file an Original Petition with the Court.  Then we will obtain the necessary income information and calculate the monthly child support obligation according to the formulas in the Texas Family Code.  When the number is calculated correctly the Court will sign a Final Order.

If you need to have the child support obligation modified due to a change in circumstances the first step is to file a Motion to Modify.  Similarly to getting child support set up for the first time, we then collect the income documents, calculate the monthly amount, and have a Final Order signed.

While this all sounds simple right now, there are a lot of complex considerations such as past due child support, past due medical support, special needs of the child, daycare expenses, and more than can be addressed during the legal process.  At Davidson Law we have seen these complex issues and are here to help you through them.

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