hen the Department of Family and Protective Services, commonly known as Child Protective Services or CPS, becomes involved in your life, you need an experienced attorney from Davidson Law to help you. 

CPS investigates potential instances of child physical abuse, child sexual abuse, medical neglect of children, and neglectful supervision of children.  When CPS receives information that one of these issues is occurring they will come to the child’s home to investigate.  CPS will often threaten parents with taking their children and placing them in foster care if the parents do not cooperate.  CPS will then demand harmful admissions from the parent and often an on the spot interview and drug test.  What parents do not realize most of the time is that their compliance with CPS requests is not required.  Parents often give in to CPS’s demands to the prejudice of their case without first consulting an attorney.  This can result in time lost with their children or even worse, the other parent filing a Court case as a result of the negative CPS findings.

If you find yourself in a CPS investigation do not hesitate to contact Davidson Law.  We will guide you through the investigation and ensure that CPS does not overstep its authority.  If CPS has already done so, we can help to right the wrong.

Do not face CPS alone, please call today to schedule a free consultation.