Crim and Fam Intersect

There are many ways criminal law can intersect with family law.  One of the most common intersects is the issue of family violence. 

If the other parent of your child has committed family violence against you or your child you need to contact Davidson Law immediately.  In these types of cases the victim needs to contact the District Attorney to discuss filing criminal charges against the perpetrator as no private attorney can file a criminal case.  If necessary the victim can pursue a criminal Protective Order through the District Attorney or a Protective Order through the family Court through Davidson Law.  If there is a Court Order for visitation already it needs to be modified after an incident of family violence to protect the victim and the child.  If there is no Court Order, one needs to be entered immediately and the attorneys at Davidson Law can help with either scenario.

Alternatively, if you have been accused of committing family violence, the attorneys at Davidson Law can help you every step of the way.  We have experienced criminal defense attorneys that can help if a criminal case for Family Violence or Protective Order is filed.  Our family law attorneys are ready to help with Protective Orders in the family Court, modification of prior Orders and establishment cases where family violence is an issue.

Another common intersection between criminal law and family law is when one parent has a criminal case of any other type and it effects their access to their child.  Driving while intoxicated, possession of illegal drugs, assault, driving while license invalid, and any conviction that results in incarceration for an extended period of time are all examples of criminal matters that can effect a parent’s access to their children.  Whether you are the parent with the criminal case or the other parent, the attorneys at Davidson Law can help you.

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