Mediation is a powerful tool in family law cases and the attorneys at Davidson Law are prepared to put it to work for you.

Mediation can be used at any point in a family law case, even before it has been filed.  Many Judges will Order parties to attend mediation because the process works so well to settle cases without costly and time consuming trials.

The general process of mediation has each party and their attorney sitting in separate rooms.  The mediator is often an attorney or retired Judge who knows the Judge involved in your case very well.  The mediator speaks with each party to understand the issues in the case and then the parties send offers back and forth until the matter is either settled or reaches a stalemate.  If the case settles all parties sign a Mediated Settlement Agreement that details the agreement.  The MSA is then converted to a Final Order to be signed by the Judge.  The MSA is almost impossible to modify so it is very important that you are comfortable with its terms before you sign.

The attorneys at Davidson Law have participated in many mediations and would be happy to represent you in a mediation.  Please call today to schedule a free consultation.