Probate is the legal process by which a deceased person’s property is distributed after they pass away.  The attorney’s at Davidson Law are experienced in the compassionate practice of this area of law.  There are many different methods to accomplish this goal.

If the deceased person had a will the attorneys at Davidson Law can help you introduce that will to the Court and follow its provisions for the distribution of their property.  The process is normally quite simple and affordable, contrary to popular belief.  Independent Administration generally only requires one Court appearance.  To qualify for Independent Administration there must be a will and the person must not have passed away more than four years before filing with the Court.

If there is no will the attorneys at Davidson Law can help you complete a Determination of Heirship to distribute the decedent’s property.  This proceeding requires disinterested parties who have knowledge of the decedent’s marital and familial history.

If the decedent had less than $50,000 worth of property, after certain exemptions, a Small Estate Affidavit can be used to distribute their property.

If the potential beneficiaries are all in agreement to avoid probate the Attorneys at Davidson Law can help you prepare and file a Family Agreement that distributes the decedent’s property.

If someone you know has passed away, please call the Attorneys at Davidson Law today to schedule a free consultation.