Ticket Defense

It is a common misconception that Tickets are no big deal. However, failure to properly deal with a Ticket can lead to DPS surcharges, license suspensions, increased insurance premiums, employment difficulties, and/or a warrant being issued for your arrest.

It is true that handling a Ticket on your own can be inconvenient and confusing. That is why it is important to hire an experienced and skilled Ticket Attorney to help navigate you through the ambiguous and complicated court procedures.

Whether it be a Traffic Ticket, Traffic Warrant, Drug and Alcohol Ticket, Assault or Theft Citation, or any other Class C Misdemeanor Ticket, the Experienced Ticket Attorneys at Davidson Law can help you save time, save money, keep your record clean, and/or fight your Ticket in a Jury Trial.

Further, if your license is pending suspension or has been suspended, the Ticket Attorneys at Davidson Law can defend your license from suspension or assist you in obtaining an Occupational Driver’s License.

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