CDL Tickets

What are the effects of a traffic citation for a CDL driver?

At Davidson Law, we know that for those who have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), driving is your profession and you depend on your license for your livelihood. A traffic violation can jeopardize your ability to maintain your CDL and your career as a whole, and to add insult to injury, Texas law drastically limits your options when it comes to dealing with your traffic ticket. There is too much risk to go to court without an experienced CDL Traffic Ticket Attorney.

Why should a Commercial Driver hire an attorney to defend a traffic ticket?

Fighting Traffic Tickets in court is substantially more challenging for CDL holders than it is for people who have standard licenses. For example, under Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, a commercial motorist cannot receive deferred disposition or take a Defensive Driving Class to dispose of a traffic ticket. This drastically limits options for commercial motorists who contest their citations.

Nonetheless, it’s not uncommon for a seasoned CDL Traffic Ticket Lawyer to get tickets dismissed, reduced, or off your record. First, the experienced CDL Traffic Ticket Lawyers at Davidson Law will attempt to have the charges dismissed outright with no consequences. If it is determined that a dismissal is not an option, we will make an effort to negotiate so that the citation does not count against your record, add points to your record, or increase your insurance premiums. When there is no strategy to keep the ticket off your record, we’ll fight to minimize the points on your record and minimize the impacts of the charges. If these processes fall short, then we will fight for your rights and passionately litigate the case in a trial by jury or a trial by judge.

If you are an out-of-state Commercial Driver and received a traffic or equipment violation while driving in Texas, the effects are equally as serious. At Davidson Law, we will appear on your behalf and fight for you rights even if you are thousands of miles away.

Hire the Experienced CDL Traffic Attorneys at Davidson Law to help defend your rights against the potentially disastrous impact on your license and career.

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