Having a will is very important and as a result the attorneys at Davidson Law have made it as affordable as possible for every citizen in Texas to have a will.

A will directs those who survive you how to distribute your property after you have passed away.  There are statutory provisions that will distribute your property for you if you do not have a will but they may not distribute it how you want.  Also, the probate process is much simpler for the survivors when the decedent had a will.

People often put off writing a will because they are young and healthy and don’t want to think about their inevitable death.  While this reluctance is understandable, it often results in someone passing away without a will and causing their loved ones extra work and expense to distribute their property or their property going to someone they did not want it to go to.

Regardless of your age or health, if you do not have a will please call Davidson Law today to schedule a free consultation.